Hear from Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs
Nov. 22, 2023

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Melissa Fifield
Head, BMO Climate Institute
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Through our partnership with the BMO for Women program, we recently connected with five incredible women entrepreneurs who are using their businesses to advance the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. During this year’s Climate Week in New York City, Andy Blair, Susan Blanchet, Menna Farouk, Diana Mbogo, and Karin Sempf were recognized as WE Empower UN SDG Challenge Awardees, an initiative that was sponsored by the Arizona State University Foundation and Vital Voices. “The WE Empower UN SDG Challenge is the first-of-its-kind global competition for social entrepreneurs who are advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring entire communities to act to create the world we want by 2030.”

Andy Blair, Co-Founder of Upflow, a geothermal, research, and innovation company based in New Zealand. Upflow is dedicated to harnessing the vast potential of geothermal energy to provide intelligent solutions to global industries.


Susan Blanchet, CEO and Founder of Origen Air. Origen Air provides a complete indoor air purification solution.


Menna Farouk, Founder and CEO of Dosy, a tech-based scooter and bicycle riding platform for women and girls. Dosy aims to encourage women and girls in Egypt to ride scooters and bicycles by connecting them with riding instructors.

Diana Mbogo, Founder and Managing Director of Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd, a renewable energy social enterprise in Tanzania that focuses on developing customized energy solutions.

Karin Sempf, CEO and Founder of Innova Nation, an educational lab focused on motivating and empowering the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and sustainability advocates.

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