Solving for the Ocean Plastic Crisis: 4Ocean in Conversation
Nov. 3, 2023

Melissa Fifield profile picture
Melissa Fifield
Head, BMO Climate Institute
picture of the ocean and the sun picture of the ocean and the sun picture of the ocean and the sun
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“One of our slogans that we say a lot is it's a nudge don't judge. We're trying to nudge people in the right direction and not judge. We're trying not use shaming and guilt, and finger pointing, but rather work with these brands and partners to help create a more sustainable model.”—Alex Schulze, Co-Founder & CEO of 4Ocean

Melissa Fifield, Head of the BMO Climate Institute, sat down with Alex Schulze to discuss 4Ocean; ‘one of the only companies in the world that directly manages a global ocean cleanup operation.’

Listen to our ~20-minute episode:

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