What to Expect out of COP26: Interview with IETA CEO
Oct. 28, 2021

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“Working together, you can tap the lowest cost opportunities in any given place. And as you're pursuing net zero, you can tap into the opportunities for carbon capture and storage or nature-based removals. You can get to the goal faster and cheaper than if each country acts in isolation,” says Dirk Forrister, CEO, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

The IETA is a non-profit business organization created to establish a functional international framework for trading in greenhouse gas emission reductions and is a key enabler of the BMO Climate Institute. The BMO Climate Institute’s vision is to convene a strategically planned system of technical expertise: enabling policies, incentives, and advance decarbonization.

“Our role is to be our clients’ lead partner in the transition by helping to accelerate innovation, convene partnerships, and finance the technologies and other solutions we need to enable the transition to a low carbon economy,” says Susan McGeachie, Head of the BMO Climate Institute.

Join Susan and Dirk as they discuss IETA’s history and global role as the business voice on markets solutions for climate and what to expect out of COP26 (the 26th UN Climate Change Conference).

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